Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tomorrow is the FINAL CHECK!

Grade 6M,
Tomorrow is your final check of all the things that you need for your exhibition. Make sure that you bring everything! The teachers will give you your final feedback so that you can still make some last minute adjustments over the weekend if necessary.

On Tuesday there will be many people coming to see your work!
I took a look at the visiting school's list and saw lots of visitors such as 88 students from SPH Karawaci, students from Global Jaya and students from Sekolah Nusantara.

I want you to make a final posting on your blog which will be your conclusion. You need to put the key points what you have learned from your inquiry and your action.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Slideshow About Climate Change

Grade 6, I want you to make one of your own slideshows and post it on your blog. Choose pictures that RELATE to your inquiry. Click on 'Get you own' and it will take you to the site. It's free!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Google Earth and Screen Capture - I have found our school!

Hi Grade 6,
We discussed this afternoon how to use Google Earth and then capture the screen making a screen dump. This afternoon I learned a way to do this without the Snagit program!

You can go to Google Earth at and download it. Yes you need to download Google Earth. It is 15MB.
You need to type Bogor in the search of Google Earth and look for Sentul. You will see it but you need to know which way to go. After I located our school I pressed 'Print Screen' which is on your computer keyboard between backspace and scroll lock.

After you have done that you go directly to start and open Paint and click edit - paste. You will see the whole screen. You can then 'select' what you want of the image, paste it to a new document in paint and save it as a jpeg file.

Now try finding a place where you have done your inquiry. I will give you a special certificate in chapel if you can locate the place using Google Earth and upload it to your blog.
Go, go Grade 6M!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Parent Meeting Today

Today I met with many parents from 6M to talk about the upcoming Grade 6 Exhibition. It was a good chance to explain about the function of this blog and their child's blog. To make everything as clear as I can, I will post a list of what must be on the blog by this Monday, 14th May 2007.
  • Introduction
  • Your group and the inquires.
  • Your key concepts.
  • Your 1st inquiry using a proper bibliography with at least 3 resources. You should include pictures and where you got the pictures.
  • Your 2nd inquiry. (same as above)
  • Performance Description
  • Experiment Description
  • Diary updates every couple of days.
  • Online or print (newspaper/magazine) articles that you have read. You need to make a short summary in your own words.

If you want to have an even better blog you should add (you don't have to have these) :

  • Extra pictures, videos and animations that you have found that RELATE to your inquiry.
  • Games that RELATE to your inquiry.
  • Interactive fun things that RELATE to your inquiry.

For all of the extra things you must always explain in writing how they relate to your inquiry.

Hard Warning: To those students who got 0 for their first inquiry; If you haven't made any attempt to update your blog by Monday 14th May you will be asked to leave the eLearning program. This is in accordance with our Essential Agreements.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Using Cached

A good trick that I use when searching through Google or Yahoo is using the 'cached' link.
I wrote the key words 'floods in Jakarta' and this was the first result:

BBC NEWS Asia-Pacific Floods hit Jakarta
... rain in Indonesia has led to flooding in several parts of Jakarta, swamping ... 31 Jan 02 Asia-Pacific. Jakarta flood toll rises. 02 Aug 01 Asia-Pacific - 39k - Cached - More from this site

I then clicked on Cached and got this:
(I have had to use a screen capture to show you as it cannot be copy and pasted.)

BBC (2003) Floods Hit Jakarta accessed on 7/5/07

You can see that all the key words have been highlighted. This makes it easy to skim read to see if the article is what you are looking for. Oh, another good way to get pictures of Jakarta floods are through blogs. I have found many on the net. You right click to download - always put the picture resource in your bibliography. If you don't know - ask me how!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

How To Write a Bibliography.

Ok, my Grade 6M-ers. This is how to write a bibliography:
1. Put the author - surname first
Simamora, Adianto P.
2. In brackets put the year of the publication. You will have to look for this if you are using a website. Look at the bottom of the page or look on the site map.
Simamora, Adianto P. (2007)
2. Next put the title of the site or article. Make your text italics to make it stand out.
Simamora, Adianto P. (2007) Bekasi to trade CO2 reductions
3. Then put the URL. Copy and paste from the address bar at the top.
Simamora, Adianto P. (2007) Bekasi to trade CO2 reductions
4. Put the date accessed. The date that you read this article. Online websites change and are often updated so this is important.
Simamora, Adianto P. (2007) Bekasi to trade CO2 reductions Accessed on 6/5/07
5. Finally put your articles in alphabetical order by the first letter in the authors surname.
If you can do this MYP will be much easier when you are writing assignments.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Great Sites

I found these sites which have just so much cool stuff for your exhibition. Click on these links:

A site with all kinds of information - You must visit it!

Climate Change

Climate change may decimate Indonesia's food supplies

Co2 in Indonesia

Jakarta People Recycle Rubbish

Did you know that if you do a Google search like this "landslide in gunung pancar" you will get Ivanna's and Jesse's blog? Try it.

Here's a video about the landslide in Gunung Pancar. (This team should download this one and put a comment on the blog of the author)

OK I have to eat dinner now. I'll do some more link posting another time.

Mrs Jane
PS Leave a comment if this has helped you.